Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin, Inventor & Founding Father of the United States


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Are you and your business where you want to be at?

It's not just about learning 'what' you need to do… you will leave this program knowing 'how' to do it in order to get ahead.  And not only that… you'll have done most of it in this program.  Invest in 6 sessions meeting online with ActionCOACH, developing and adapting some of the three hundred and fifty seven business building strategies, to use specifically in YOUR business, to boost YOUR profits and free up YOUR time... right now.


Do's & Don'ts on Zoom!!

Online Event

Learn the benefits of virtual connecting, whether it’s networking, visiting with friends & family, or selling.

There are some best practices that will certainly make it a better experience for you and for those you’re speaking with. Register now to learn:

  • Why Zoom is better than a simple phone call
  • Customize your photo and name for each meeting
  • Tips, tricks, and tactics to host the best virtual meeting
  • What you may not realize others are hearing and seeing
  • And much more!

Thanks to the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce for hosting this online training. We’ll make time to address your own questions, as well. Register today!

 6 Keys to Recruit & Retain High-Performing Employees

Online Event

"Nobody wants to work!"  

"I can't find good help."

"What do they want these days?"

There may have been a day where recruiting and retaining employees was easy, or at least much easier.  Not now!  Today, it’s a full-on marketing and sales process to attract and keep high performing team members.

You'll learn:

  • The real impact of your team on profitability
  • The simple methods of attracting the best employees
  • Keys to keeping rock-star team members, and keeping them engaged and contributing
  • Tools and tips to understanding and managing your team
  • And much more to build the business you’ve dreamed of

Professional sports team, mid-size company, or small business, the same principles apply. You’ll learn the strategies and system for building a winning team.

Register NOW, for the benefit of you and your business.

 6 Steps to Work Less and Make More

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Business may be overwhelming! The speed of business, opportunities exceeding capacity, and difficulty finding and keeping great employees are challenges many business owners are facing every day. If that resonates with you, this session is for you. There are answers. There is a process that works. There are solutions that will help you get some of your time back, relieve the stress, and get you more profit for your efforts.

You'll learn:

• How to turn your marketing into an investment instead of an expense

• How to leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits

• How to DOUBLE your profits in the next 12 months

• How to recruit, motivate, and train exceptional employees

• And how to work ON your business instead of IN your business

There is a simple formula and proven process for building a great business. Isn't it worth learning how your business can reach its full potential through the practices, principles, and processes used by 17,000 small businesses every week?