Growth comes out of a healthy competitive atmosphere, not trying to choose a particular path forward.” - Edward Felten, Princeton University Professor of Computer Science & Public Affairs


Group Coaching Program

MentorCLUB is a powerful and affordable coaching program for small business owners excited about and committed to successfully growing their business. It falls within our ActionBOARD group programs. Imagine having the benefit of your own board of directors!


In MentorCLUB, you will benefit through

  • Clarification of goals, vision and mission
  • Learning about

leverage and cash flow 

your uniqueness and developing customer loyalty

sales, strategies and methods

building the dream team and being the leader you always wanted to be

the ways to leverage your business, and your time

  • Benefitting from the experience and knowledge of others who will inspire you through their own experiences
  • Interacting with your Coach and asking questions to get the answers you need.

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An ActionCOACH is innovative, and their ideas support business owners and executives to achieve their highest potential.

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