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Don’t Fight It!

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I’ve got to admit that I resist being told what to do.  And I really resist paying for something I believe I already have paid for, like the ability to travel to Charlotte with ease.  I pay taxes with every gallon of gas I purchase, taxes that I believed were sufficient to pay for our roads.  I guess I was incorrect.

With the new tolls and Express Lanes, I’ve resisted!  Oh, how I resisted. I’ll show them. I can do this without those Express Lanes, gouging me to pay more for something my taxes already pay for! And then, I chose to go to the other side.  The ‘dark side’ was my belief.  And oh my!!  Smooth. A steady pace. No red tail lights staring at me for 20 miles. And everyone else seems to be having more peace too. It was actually, not so bad.  Not bad at all. And I arrived so much sooner than I would have using ‘the other side’.  And a bonus?  Actually multiple bonuses!  Frustration level was down.  There was greater certainty in my arrival time, and the belief I would actually get there before it was too, if I got there at all, and it not be a futile effort.  And for the small investment, what an ROI!  Now I’m a believer…  certainly, I use it as appropriate for my situation.  But I definitely use it!

The same applies to business coaching. Like the express lanes, not everyone uses it. But for those that make the decision to try it, they’re getting there with certainty, peace of mind, so much faster pace, and huge ROI.

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