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20/20 in 2020

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Frustration and fuzziness is the way I used to start my day.  For years, I’ve started my day the same way my Dad showed me by his example (a lesson in there!).   Get up. Re-hydrate. Fix coffee. Sit down and read my Bible. But it got so hard. I had assumed I was tired, and that was the reason my eyes watered, and I struggled to focus on the fine print. For grins, I tried on my wife’s readers and OH MY!!!That was the problem. My vision was failing.  Now I wear glasses, and I can see things with such clarity.

Business is much the same way for so many owners.  Unfortunately, like with my vision, most never stop to work on a solution. They’re simply determined ‘it will get better’ or ‘strain harder and it’ll be fine’. Wrong.  Wrong for my vision. Wrong for business. 

As an owner, you only know what you’ve learned. But you don’t know what you don’t know. And you certainly don’t have the ability to see everything around you, what’s going on, how prospects and customers and employees are responding (for good reasons), what’s coming at you, and where you’re headed.  I like to call it a ‘Business Scotoma’.  That’s right, a blind spot in the midst of everything else you see. And even if you can see the issue, there’s uncertainty as to what to do about it.

There’s nothing magical about turning the calendar. But it does create the opportunity for a mental and emotional time to start fresh, to make a change.  The point is to make a change. To get a different outcome requires a different input or process

My recommendation? Stop struggling. Stop squinting. Stop ‘shaking your head’ and ‘rubbing your eyes’ hoping for improvement.  Hope is not a strategy.

Making an appointment with a vision expert, one with the tools to get you a diagnosis and a solution.  That’s what changed my life.  

May you have the same realization and clarity of vision, purpose, and plan as you embark on 2020. And may you have an amazing impact in your family, in your business, and in this community.

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