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Gratitude.  Every day offers an opportunity to be grateful.  And every day offers an opportunity to dwell in envy.   It’s a choice.  Your choice. My choice. Many choices we make are ‘this AND that’.  However, in this situation, it’s ‘this OR that’.  Gratefulness OR jealousy.  Gratitude OR envy.  These don’t co-exist.  And each has a way of growing as we dwell in it.  It’s like stepping down a hill, picking up momentum and energy as you go. And of course, that can lead to amazing things either way:   amazing benefits and joy, or amazing frustration, anger, and resentment.

So, what are the things that create gratitude or envy for you?  Marriage? Family? Health? Intellect? Vision? Finances?  Car? Boat? Vacation?

It takes effort and intentionality to slow down and assess what is important to you. And to check the balance.  Life is a package deal, and we get to have an impact on that mix!  (and FYI, no one is getting top marks in all categories!)  As we go through planning for the days, months, and years ahead, it makes sense to really (I mean really!) consider your ‘why’, what’s important to you, and work to improve that in your life. What appears as ‘luck’ on the surface is really the result of tons of preparation and hard work.  So those that are lucky enough to have an amazing marriage/family/health/intellect/business have generally identified that as important to them, and they’ve busted their tails to get it. 

So, be grateful, for the good and not so good. It’s all part of the process.  And without both, there would be no perspective to know the difference! Take nothing for granted. The nice thing is that we can all have.  And have abundantly.  There’s plenty for all.  So, work toward gratitude, and like a muscle, the envy will die away from lack of use.

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