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Doing The Impossible

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What impossible thing are you going to do today? Maybe it’s making that 5 or 6 figure sale. Perhaps it’s developing a new marketing campaign. Could it be that one extra cold call for the day. Perhaps its having a challenging conversation with an errant team member. Maybe it’s doing 30 minutes on the stair master. Maybe its getting home on time for dinner.

Do those actions sound impossible? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe they are a walk in the park …. for YOU. It could be that something you find easy, is very difficult for someone else, and vice-versa.

We all have beliefs about what we can or cannot accomplish, and we can use our beliefs to either empower us or dis-empower us. So, let’s define what a belief is: A belief is something we consider to be true right nowSo, if a belief is something we hold to be true right now, does it stand to reason that our beliefs can change? Have you ever been in an argument with someone and believed that you were ‘right’ only to be proven wrong by evidence? Did your belief change?

The fact that we can change what we believe is an important aspect of our personal development mindset. If we believe we can do something, we’ll attempt it. If we don’t believe, we will likely not even try. The key is to find the evidence to support a new belief if our present belief is not helping us. Sometimes just having a little faith, and trying will give us the belief we need. Sometimes it’s another person’s belief in us that will spur us on to take action.

How to develop your self-belief so that you can accomplish anything

If we desire more money, but don’t believe we can attract it, will we take action? Or will we just complain about not having enough money each month? What if you wanted to have a personal income of $1,000,000 in a year… is that a large amount of money? It depends. For some folks that is more than they’ll make in a lifetime. For some it takes 10 years. For some people, $1,000,000 is just the cost of their jet fuel for the year. It’s just perspective.

I’m sure you are doing the impossible right now. Look back on what you’ve accomplished over the last few years. When you started out, did you ever think you would be able to do some of those things?

We are all able to do the impossible one step at a time. When we believe we can do something, we attempt it. We may not totally succeed, but we will learn and grow from the experience. If we try again, we are already starting from a point just a little closer to our goal. It gets easier, because our comfort zone has expanded. Our abilities have increased in the slightest  of amounts, and all those little improvements add up.  The more you believe you can achieve, and back it up by action, the more you will actually accomplish. Pretty soon you’ll be doing what you considered impossible, just yesterday.

David Dowdy

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