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What Does a Business Coach Do?

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Like a personal trainer who assesses your willingness to make changes physically by identifying your core strength, a business coach helps you find your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoints your gaps and fear zones. The purpose of this is to propel you to move forward and break free of the things holding you back and the hurdles that might come in your way. As your business environment continues to change and evolve, the insight and perspective provided by a business coach can help you make the changes that you need to stay competitive.

Business coaches are experts in their field, so with their experience and hands-on knowledge, they know what it takes to set up a business for success. When your business coach understands the business that you are in, one-on-one coaching can be really effective. Having spent years in their line of work, they have a lot of connections that will be of great use to you, which they can leverage to assist you in growing your business too.

As a business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to see the forest for the trees. You are deeply involved in the minute day-to-day details of running your business, and while this is necessary to ensure that your business holds itself together, it can also make you lose sight of the bigger picture. Remember – your customers and clients aren’t going to know or care what went on your latest spreadsheets.

A number of leaders who are starting up a business get so preoccupied in the daily grind that they have trouble envisioning new possibilities for themselves. They may dream big, but oftentimes, they do not believe that they can attain them. Business owners who have defeated themselves mentally will never succeed, and it is these people that need a business coach more than anybody. A coach helps you devise a plan of action to help you transform your dreams into reality.

Relying upon friends and family to give you honest feedback is not a safe bet – they will frequently tell you what you want to hear for fear of hurting your feelings or demoralizing you. By contrast, a business coach will tell you the things that you need to stop doing instead of just blindly encouraging you to pursue everything you want to do or are doing. They will act in your best interests and tell you straight up if you’re about something the wrong way. This objective yet compassionate behavior can be very helpful for your business, especially when it comes with the extensive expertise and hands-on experience that comes with a business coach.

We often have fears, cynicism and apprehensions, and they block us from seeing our potential and from achieving excellence. A coach is capable of cutting through the miasma of self-doubt and unleashing the full potential that each one of their clients possesses.They help clarify your goals and guide you along the way, celebrating with you when you succeed and guiding you when you don’t. A business coach has your best interests at heart, and many entrepreneurs find that their coach is one of the most reliable people they can turn to in a time of need.

David Dowdy

As a certified Business Coach, business owners enroll in a program that we select together,  and agree will provide the best structure, discipline, accountability, and profit growth for them and for their businesses.


I have a passion for helping businesses like yours grow and become profitable, so you, the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. As your Business Coach and adviser, I will help you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for over more than two decades. I will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, push you to perform at higher levels than you’re able to reach when left to your own devices.